It’s a misconception that if you have a history of bad credit, you cannot get a mortgage. Of course, some lenders would prefer you to have a glowing credit report, but that doesn’t mean you are shut off from the mortgage market.

At Smiths Financial, we have access to specialist and niche lenders who could be a life line, even if you have adverse credit, a bad credit score, or a low credit rating. Crucially, we pride ourselves on making sure we find the right solutions for an individual’s life circumstances going forward into the future.

To prepare, we will advise on what you will need for your application, including a full and up-to-date credit report, and how to make your application as strong as possible. With a strong track record in finding mortgages for those with adverse credit, we will then approach lenders to find you the most favorable deals.

Don’t let your credit get in the way of your dream of owning a property. Please get in touch to see how we can help you make this happen.

Some reasons you might need an adverse credit mortgage:

  • No credit history
  • Low credit score
  • Late payments
  • Missed mortgage payments
  • Defaults, CCJs and IVAs
  • Debt management plan mortgage
  • Repossessions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Payday loans

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