Most people tend to rent retirement properties, but it is possible to buy a retirement home either outright with savings or through a mortgage.

The challenge is, it’s not always easy to get a mortgage for a retirement property, partly because lenders look for resale potential when they consider whether to offer a mortgage deal, and you’ll need specialist help.

Which is where we can help.

At Smiths Financial, securing retirement home mortgages is one of our particular areas of expertise and we have access to a wide panel of lenders who could have the right solution for you.

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Buying a property in a retirement village, apartment block or housing development is similar to buying somewhere in any other block of flats. The individual flat or house will be sold leasehold, meaning you have bought the right to live in the property for the duration of the lease, which are usually several decades in length and you won’t need to worry about renewing it.

Case Study

One of our clients was in the process of buying a retirement apartment in a complex in Clacton-on-Sea and had got to the stage where a high street lender was satisfied with the valuation and a mortgage offer was made. However, just two days before contracts were due to be exchanged, the lender requested to see a copy of the lease and withdrew the mortgage offer as they didn’t like the lease conditions, which was heart-breaking for the client.

We moved swiftly, approaching specialist lenders on our panel and showing them the lease even before the application was submitted. We found a suitable lender and within two weeks, our client received a mortgage offer and we proceeded to completion.

*This case study is based on a case in August 2021. Lender’s criteria vary for each lender and is based on each individual’s circumstances.

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