If you are looking for a self-employed mortgage, we can help.

The challenge with being self-employed is that an applicant’s job status can affect the decision of mortgage lenders, who can take the stance that you don’t have the same job security as someone who is permanently employed.

However, the fact is that there has been no specific type of mortgage deal for the self-employed since the self-certification option was banned in 2011 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and almost all mortgage deals are available to those who work for themselves. You just have to prove your income.

The good news is that, as specialists in this area, we can help you explore the range of residential mortgage lenders out there who will happily take on self-employed applicants, even if you have only been trading for a year – or less.

To get things started, we would need your SA302 and tax overviews, while lenders are also likely to ask for three months of business statements.

Crucially, we will help you with the whole process, from establishing your previous income, average revenue and legal status to finding lenders that suit your self-employed circumstances.

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What is worth considering is the importance of a good deposit, strong credit rating and evidence that you will be able to make the repayments.

But we can talk you through ways to improve your application to get it right from the start – after all, the more applications you make, the more it can affect your credit rating.

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